Chuck Mangum
Voiced by Frank Welker
Physical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Personal Information
Friends Fred
Occupation Amateur daredevil

Chuck Mangum was the reckless daredevil friend of Fred Jones.

Physical appearanceEdit

Chuck is a Caucasian male, with spiky brown hair, a goatee. He wears a gold earring on his right ear, green banana and black sunglasses around his head. He wears a blue t-shirt with ripped off sleeves, necklace and cargo shorts with blackish shoes.


Chuck was reckless and impulsive; being quick to act, but never to think.


Early lifeEdit

He was originally good friends with Fred and the two had many adventures together. Due to his brash nature, Chuck tended to get them into trouble while Fred frequently had to use his wits to get them out of it. Over time the two separated, and Chuck continued his life as a daredevil while Fred joined Mystery Inc.

Be Cool Scooby-Doo!Edit

Chuck Mangum unmasked

Chuck unmasked.

He faked his own attack from the Spirit of the Zatari Warrior to lure Fred to the Zatari Caverns. He then used the disguise to herd the gang into the final chamber. He needed to get Fred there to figure out the final step in attaining the Zatari treasure. However his plan backfired when Fred tricked him into one of the caverns many traps, where he was unmasked and arrested by the park ranger.[1]